Hit-and-run case: Salman went missing after the mishap, says cop

After the accident, Salman Khan was neither found at the accident spot nor at his home, Galaxy apartment which is only 200 metres from the accident spot, a police officer said here on Thursday. The first Investigating Officer of hit-and-run case Rajendra Kadam told the court that soon after the FIR was filed, he along with his team went in search of the actor but Salman was nowhere found.

"When I reached the spot, I did not find Khan. I then went to his house in nearby Galaxy apartments but even there the accused was not traced," said Rajendra Kadam, one of the investigating officer to sessions court judge D.W. Deshpande. The FIR was lodged by constable Ravindra Patil, who was then Salman's body guard. He informed the court that the superstar was on the wheels when the accident took place.

Rajendra Kadam told the court that the first thing he has done on reaching the accident spot was to rescue constable Ravindra Patil from the mob. "We then sent the injured to the hospital," he said.

"I saw that a white Land Cruiser had rammed American Express bakery and had climbed three stairs. It's number plate was lying on the spot."

Mr Kadam further said that when he reached the spot, he saw five persons "entangled and trapped beneath the car". "It wasn't possible to remove them without lifting the car with the help of a crane," he said. The injured were taken to Bhabha hospital.

He saw bloods on the tyre of the left wheels of the actor’s car and he seized the papers of the vehicle and the keys and marked them. "As the tyre was burst, there was blood on the wheel base too," he said.

The officer produced before the court evidences like blood-stained soil sample, pieces of fibre glass, white front bumper of the car involved in the accident.

Mr Kadam said that he arrived at the accident spot at 2.50 am and conducted panchnama between 3.05 am and 4.20 am, when he was cross-examined by Salman’s lawyers Shrikant Shivade.

Mr Kadam informed that the car was brought to the police station with the help of a crane. Mr Shivade will continue to cross-examine Mr Kadam tomorrow.

During the proceedings, Salman Khan was sitting calmly with his sister Alvira in the front row. Dressed in blue jeans and blue shirt, Salman was occasionally seen conversing with his lawyer.