Hit-and-run case: Fourth witness identifies Salman Khan

More trouble for Salman Khan in 2002 hit-and-run case. The fourth witness who is a waiter identified the actor and said that he has served drink to him and his group on that night. The witness claimed that Salman and his friend ordered drink on the night of the accident.

The waiter, Molay Baug, told Judge D W Deshpande that he had served cocktails and Bacardi (White Rum) to the group who had come along with Salman to ‘Zen Bar’ in J W Marriot hotel on that unfortunate night but he can’t tell whether the actor has consumer alcohol or not.

Public prosecutor Jagannath Kenjralkar examined the witness to claim that Salman Khan was drunk on that ill-fated day.

“The lights were dim and it was dark and hence I could not see who had consumed liquor…all that I remember is that I had served drinks to this group which had come with Salman, the waiter told defence lawyer Srikant Shivade during cross-examination.

Another witness, Laxman More, a police constable said, “Sohail and Salman had gone to ‘Rain Bar’ that night. While Sohail returned after midnight, Salman had still not come. At 3 AM, a man came running to us and informed that Salman had met with an accident nearby".

“I rushed to the spot with this man in his car but did not find Salman at the accident spot. We waited there for two to three minutes,” the witness said.

The witness said during the cross-examination that he did not know who the person that informed Sohail about the incident was and moreover, when he arrived the car was on the spot

The case dates back to September 28, 2002 when Salman Khan’s Toyota Land cruiser drove over five people who were sleeping on the footpath near Hill road in Bandra. In this accident, one lost his life and four others were severely injured.

After the accident, Salman Khan drove away in his car and appeared for surrender after eight hours. Eye witnesses said that it was Salman who was driving the vehicle though Salman denies the allegation. Since, he surrendered after eight hours, he and his family maintain the incident as accident though police reported it as hit and run case. Medical report further revealed that Salman was under the influence of alcohol when the incident took place.