Hina Khan is more aggressive than a chawl girl, Shilpa Shinde

Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde’s equation turned sour during the show, ‘Bigg Boss 11’. The winner of ‘Bigg Boss 11’ said that Hina is “more aggressive than a chawl girl” and “mohalle ki aunty”.

Hina had called Shilpa a ‘chawl girl’ on the show and when asked about it, Shilpa told the website, “I don’t know much about that, but she is more aggressive than a chawl girl. And she was also the Mohalle ki aunty.”

When the show was aired, a video was surfaced online where Hina was seen saying, “Maine bola naa who baat hi aise karti hai jaise…(I told you that she talks like a ...)” she used cuss words like ‘call girl’ and ‘chawl girl’ for Shilpa that portion was muted. The video was later removed from the internet.

When asked Hina about the same comment and she said, “That word ‘call girl’ is a very heavy word. I respect everyone’s work and I would never pass any derogatory remark like that.” The report further stated that Hina claimed she used the word ‘naukar’ (servant) and not ‘chawl girl’ or ‘call girl’.

Shilpa had earlier said that said she would not want to meet Hina ever again in her life. “While Hina Khan knew everything in the kitchen, I had no clue. However, I did all the work but she never bothered. I had never cooked for 18-19 people earlier.”

Shilpa is happy that she could beat Hina and win the trophy. Firstly, talking about her co-finalist Hina, Shilpa in an exclusive chat with us, said, “I am glad I could beat her and it’s answer to all that she has told about me.” Hina in her interviews mentioned that she wants to hug Shilpa and crease out all differences. When we asked Shilpa why she is keeping a grudge against her arch nemesis, she shot back with a smirk, “Do you remember she was awarded the title of a drama queen? She is definitely one! Whatever she has said about burying our hatchet is nothing but a farce. Neither will she do anything from heart nor do I want it. I am happy in my own space and so is she. Now that the show has ended, I don’t even want to meet her or see her face again.”

Shilpa was termed as heartless and someone who gives no value to emotions and relationships. When asked to comment on the same, she said with a choked voice, “I have made some real relations in the house and whatever differences cropped up between me and Akash or Arshi, we know that we will meet soon. I am thankful to Puneesh, who supported me and stood by my side when I was alone. When Arshi re-entered, she told me that she has realised her mistake and apologised to me. I can’t really forget whatever wrong happened but I know it’s better to let it all go and start afresh. I can assure you that I will maintain the friendships and bonds made in Bigg Boss 11 with a full heart.”