Hina Khan gets mobbed badly outside a mall

Last evening, when ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Hina Khan stepped out of the house as part of a task assigned to the contestant, she had a hard time. She was badly mobbed while exiting the Inorbit mall.

The task is that Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta had to appeal to a live audience present at the mall to vote for them.

However, Hina Khan had to pay a high price for being a celebrity. While exiting the mall, she was surrounded by fans and had to be escorted to the cars. The picture circulated on net showed Hina shouting with mouth wide open. It is believed that someone pulled her hair from behind. 

Few believes Hina was unnecessarily screaming to show attitude and grab attention.

During the task, Hina Khan got maximum number of votes. Vikas Gupta came second followed by Shilpa Shinde and Luv Tyagi.