Himesh Reshammiya to marry girlfriend Sonia Kapoor tonight

Music composer Himesh Reshammiya is all set to marry his long-time girlfriend Sonia Kapoor tonight. According to a report, the couple will have a simple ceremony and will be attended by close family and friends. Himesh’s parents and son, Swayam will grace the wedding.

Himesh and Sonia are in a relationship for many years and had been in a live-in relationship.

Himesh and Sonia started dating in 2006 and till now going strong. They are pretty serious about one another and wished to take their relationship to the next level.

In December 2016, he filed for divorce from his wife Komal.

"Sometimes in life, mutual respect becomes the most important, and giving due respect to our relationship, Komal and I have amicably decided to part ways... There is no problem whatsoever with this decision among us and our family as every member respects it. Yet, Komal is and will always remain a part of our family and I will always be a part of her family."

Sonia Kapoor was blamed for Komal and Himesh’s failed relationship but Komal requested the media not to target her. "Nobody else should be dragged into this matter and nobody else is responsible for this. The reason for our marriage not working is only and only compatibility. Sonia is not responsible for this at all and our son Swayam and our family loves Sonia just like a family member," she had said.