Himesh Reshammiya’s song attracts evil spirits

Music director and singer Himesh Reshammiya has been churning out one hit song after the other. He has many fans in all parts of India. However he now also has some new and different kind of fans. The dead and evil spirits are Himesh Reshammiya’s song fans too. In a tiny village called Bhalej in Gujarat, villagers of the town claim that Himesh’s hit number ‘Jhalak Dikhlaja’ from the film Aksar is having a strange effect on the townspeople. The lines ‘ek baar aaja aaja’ when sung by some of the people, has led to them being possessed by evil spirits or ghosts.
According to the villagers there have been many instances where people have been singing the hit number and were then possessed by spirits. Villagers tell of how one man by the name of Firoz Thakor who was humming the tune suddenly got possessed, he just went on eating and talking to himself. Finally he was taken to a priest and then started to exhibit normal signs. There have been plenty of other instances and the villagers have completely and blindly begun to believe this myth. According to some rumours, a few people have even lost their lives after getting possessed by the evil spirits.

Due to this the villagers have begun to tune of the radio as soon as the song is aired on the radio. A lot of the villagers are scared and prefer to avoid listening or humming the lyrics of this song. A particular section of people have been more affected by the song than others. However all castes in the village are seeking advice from their religious heads. Also the villagers claim that at certain locations, like the graveyard, people humming this song are generally attacked by ghosts.

The villagers have also stopped requesting for this number at weddings, even though it was earlier an extremely popular number to play during any occasion. Now Himesh can truly say that his music is a hit with the old, the young and even the dead. Just goes to show that even the evil spirits are attracted to Reshammiya’s nasal tone. Well this surely is a unique type of fan for Himesh who has sung this song.