Himesh Reshammiya's Live Concert

Himesh Reshammiya with Bhushan Kumar from T-Series


Himesh Reshammiya, the composer cum singer cum actor was seen performing a live concert to promote his film Karzzz. Himesh in his new avatar with a fitter body and without a cap sporting his newly weaved hair enthralled audiences with his performance. Himesh is hoping that like his debut film, Karzzz too turns out to be a hit.Good Luck to Himesh.


Shweta Kumar in a short purple dress at Karzzz concert


Shweta Kumar made her debut opposite Himesh Reshammiya in Karzzz. She is the daughter of a producer and that is probably one of the reasons, Shweta has been given this golden opportunity on a platter. But it remains to be seen whether Shweta is able to make a mark in her debut film. But daddy dear can't get you all the films or make you a shining career in bollywood, girl.


Riya Sen on stage for Karzzz concert


Riya Sen who has hardly been seen in any films of late was seen performing at Himesh Reshammiya's Live Concert. Riya has been in bollywood for some time now, but she has still not been able to make a mark. She is known more for her sexy image than as an actress. Riya dear, the sexy tag will not last forever, you need to be seen in a few films if you want to remain in the public eye.


Neha Dhupia on stage at Karzzz concert


Neha Dhupia too was seen performing at the Himesh Reshammiya Live Concert in a black shimmery dress. Neha has been seen walking the ramp and doing performances at events as she obviously does not have too many films on hand. Is Neha going to soon turn into an item girl and only be seen doing live performances?


Amisha Patel performing on stage at Karzzz concert


Amisha Patel has finally made time for her professional life and was seen performing at the Himesh Reshammiya Live Concert. Amisha has been concentrating on her personal life with bussinessman beau. Well since her bollywood career was anyways not going too well, atleast she wanted a stable personal life. Atleast now if Amisha's bollywood career does not go well, she can fall back on her bussinessman beau.


Amrita Arora in a sexy black leather outfit


Amrita Arora was recently seen in Hello, but unfortunately her role in the film barely received any appreciation. Poor Amu was hoping that the film would give her the well deserved break. But until then Amu is passing her time by performing at events like Himesh Reshammiya's Live Concert. Amu's next release is Golmaal with her best friend Kareena, maybe some of Bebo's good luck will rub off on her too.