Himansh Kohli receives flak for breaking up with Neha Kakkar, Neha regrets

Popular Singer Neha Kakkar has made her break with boyfriend Himansh Kohli public and now the singer regrets for doing so as her ex-beau is receiving lots of flak due to her public declaration.

When Neha was in love with Himansh, she openly expressed her happiness on social media and when she broke up with her beau, she too expressed her pain. Her declaration landed Himansh in trouble as he is being slammed by the singer’s fans.

 “I am a very emotional person. Whatever happened in my personal life in the last few months was very unhappy,” says the singer, whose relationship with Himansh ended last year. However, the 30-year-old singer blames herself and says it was a big mistake.

“I’m regretting the fact that I made my personal life so public. When it’s all happy, then you don’t see any problems. But it is during the bad times that you realise people can be so negative towards you and that shocked me,” Neha adds.

Neha and Himansh broke up in December and many blamed Himansh for being disloyal in the relationship.

“Himansh did nothing to deserve all that [flak]. He was nothing like that at all. Still, he received so much hatred and negative comments on social media,” she says.

There were several occasions, the singer broke into tears on national television.

The singer, who has more than with 20 million followers, insists she has learnt a lesson. “I would not make the same mistake again, I will not make my personal life public. I have also realised that being a celebrity, there will be negative people and hatred around. But there is so much more positivity. Once you embrace that, you will not be affected by the negative side,” she says.