High alcohol content found in Salman’s blood, says chemical report

Salman Khan is in neck deep trouble. In 2002 hit-and-run case, the superstar was found guilty of driving his vehicle under the influence of high alcohol content. The blood sample report which is produced in the court by chemical expert suggests high content of alcohol in Salman’s blood content. A chemical analyst, who worked with the Forensic Science Laboratory, said 62 mg alcohol was found in 100 ml blood of the actor.

Salman Khan was present in the court throughout the proceedings. He was accompanied by his two sisters. "In general medical examination, 30 mg alcohol might be found in the blood of a human being. If a person is under medication, the alcohol content can go up to 40-45 mg," the expert said.

"The morphiline test I conducted (on his blood sample) was positive," the chemical analyst said. He added that the blood bottles which were delivered to the laboratory were in proper, sealed condition. "Along with the blood bottle, I received a letter from JJ Hospital where the blood sample was taken," he said.

Petitioner and advocate Abha Singh told IANS, “Today, Salman’s blood sample reports were presented in the court and as per his reports, his alcohol level in 100 ml blood was found to be 62 mg. Any amount of alcohol found in blood is enough for an offence if you are found driving.”

The doctors who collected Salman Khan’s blood sample in JJ hospital were untraceable. Salman’s lawyer Shrikant Shivade argued that only the untraceable doctor can testify about the number of blood bottles which were sent for examination.

"If Bandra police packed one bottle, how did the chemical analyst have two bottles? Not knowing this will cause prejudice to us," Mr. Shivade said.

The chemical analyst was the 19th witness in Salman’s hit-and-run case and the 20th witness is a motor vehicle inspector who inspected the actor’s Toyota Land Cruiser involved in the accident. During cross examination, Shivade argued that since he has no formal training on imported vehicle how can he test Salman’s damage car.

The motor vehicle inspector said that on September 29, 2002, he found many external damages to it.

"The running board on the left hand side was damaged. Also, the bumper was found missing. The left side headlight and side-light were found broken. The hooks which hold the bumper were also found damaged. There were scratches on the right windshield glass. The right side mirror was broken. There was damage to the vehicle beneath as well," he said.

He added that there was less air in the front left tyre. "The air level in a tyre can come down if there is an impact or a minor puncture," he said while responding to prosecution's query.

The next hearing of the case is schedule to take place on December 15th.