Here's what makes 'Detective Byomkesh Bakshy' a must watch

Have you booked the tickets yet for ‘Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!’? If not, then here are the reasons to make the booking right now for this thriller starring Sushant Singh Rajput:

  1. The Bengali detective: The handsome Sushant dons the gentlemanly looks of a Bengali babu. And this is not all- he is seen getting into action and cracking mysteries. His smart looks paired with the suspense in the film is what makes it so interesting. Sushant sports never before seen looks with his kurta, dhoti, side parting and moustache. This is how the actor feels about taking this new and challenging role – “As a character I am completely into Byomkesh’s different traits. The unexpected part is how people will react. But every role is a challenge, not a risk!”
  2. Villain: The villain Yang Guang’s character and performance goes very well with the role that Sushant portrays. If Byomkesh Bakshy is brainy, then the villain is powerful and driven by motive! The Chinese gangster promises a new and exciting villain to the audience. To arouse the interest of audience, director Dibakar Banerjee says - “The villain in this film is such a character, who is on the same level as Byomkesh. Byomkesh respects the villain because he knows that he is very dangerous... The audience will see a new legendary villain in this film.”
  3. The filming: The movie features Calcutta back in 1943. It is interesting to see how the filmmakers have recreated the city and tried to make the audience nostalgic. This is made more gripping with the entertaining elements that Dibakar Banerjee has added to the film. As Sushant tells the media “He has mixed two or three stories, shown how a man fresh out of college turns into a detective in 1943 Calcutta, with the Japanese invasion and our freedom struggle in full fettle, the American GIs occupying the city too — thanks to its strategic position as a port city — and the opium trade on as well.” Stills from the film such as the actor seated on an old rickshaw depict the quaint picture of Kolkata that the filmmakers have painted.
  4. Critical reception: Now that ‘Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!’ has been released, critics are sharing their take on the film. It has succeeded in gaining positive reviews – “Don’t miss it. Even if just to go back to the magical world of nostalgia created so beautifully and earnestly by Banerjee and cinematographer Nikos Andritsakis”