Hema Malini: "We're not a filmy family"

She is one of the long-standing screen queens and he the macho man. But Hema Malini and Dharmendra in real life are as non-filmi as they can get.
On Saturday, Hema brought in Dharmendra's birthday with the minimum fanfare.

"We're not a filmy family at all. We don't believe in pomp and show. So we didn't have the typical cake cutting, stuffing one another's mouth with the cake and cameras clicking all the happenings," Hema told IANS.

She said her husband is basically a shy person and likes to be with the family.

"All four of us, Dharam-ji, me and our two daughters spent a quiet day at home. To us, that's a day well spent. And that's how we celebrate our birthdays."