Heavy rainfall affects bollywood

It’s the monsoon season and once again several states in India seem to be receiving heavy rainfall. Mumbai too has been at the receiving end of a continuous downpour since the last two days and this has led to a lot of disorder and disruption. It seems that even bollywood has been affected quite a bit by the lashing rains in the city. Many actors and actresses were not able to shoot on schedule as some could not leave their homes because of the pouring rains and some who were more unfortunate were stuck in terrible traffic jams. Most directors have had to cancel their shootings for the last two days due to the incessant rains.
Director Karan Johar is getting quite anxious as he still has to shoot one final song "Rock n Roll Soniye" for his film Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna which is slated to release on August 11. Karan was supposed to shoot the song along with the entire starcast of the film at Yash Raj studios, unfortunately due to the heavy rains some of the actors could not make it to the sets and hence Karan had no choice but to postpone the shooting of his song. Shahrukh Khan and Rani could not make it to the sets as they were caught in a huge traffic jam which was due to heavy rainfall. To make matters worse after Karan called off the shoot, he himself was stuck in a traffic jam. His car had to battle high levels of water and some water also managed to seep into the interiors of his car. With a deadline so near and the weather being unpredictable, it's no wonder that Karan is fretting.

Another film that has been affected by the onslaught of rains is Sajid Nadiadwala's film Jaaneman.html> Jaaneman . The film is being directed by Shirish Kunder who will make his debut with this film. A lavish set was erected for the film at the popular shooting spot Film City, unfortunately the sets were affected by the downpour and ultimately the film had to be cancelled for a few days. The shooting with Salman Khan has now been postponed. Last year too after the 26/7 mishap which occurred due to the rains the set was affected, nonetheless producer Sajid is optimistic about winding up shooting for the film by July 15.

Actor Bobby Deol too is having problems with the rains. Due to the heavy rainfall, water has begun to enter into his bungalow. Water has entered into his ground floor offices and living room. Bobby now hopes that the rains will take a break for a few days so that he can restore his home back to normal. Director Vishal Bharadwaj was supposed to launch the music of his film Omkara.html> Omkara on July 4 at a five star hotel in Mumbai, but due to the pouring rains the music launch has now been postponed to a later date.

Acterss Raveena Tandon who is also an extremely concerned civic citizen donned her raingear and took to the streets in order to make citizens aware of the devastating results of mismanagement of the environment. She personally reported from many places in the city requesting both citizens and the government to pull up their socks and take stock of the serious situation.