Health of Suchitra Sen detoriates again

The health condition of the veteran actress Suchitra Sen has detoriated again after being stable for the past few days. Due to critical respiratory tract infection she was admitted to the well reputed hospital Belle Vue in Kolkata on 23rd December 2013. The 82 year old actress is under the continuous supervision of a six member medical team headed by Dr. Subrata Maitra. Her old age along with the preexisting diabetic condition has made her treatment complex. Also she has become weaker as her food intake was decreased. Belle Vue doctors have focused on her dietary needs too.

The recent medical bulletin issued by Belle Vue read as "Although her cardiac condition continues to remain stable. Her oxygen saturation again dipped last evening. However, with intensive chest physiotherapy, it has stabilized again."

The acute breathlessness experienced by the actress raised the alarm. But only non invasive ventilation was applied on her after intense discussion among the doctors. Dr. Subrata Maitra says, "The ventilation is a step backward, but she is stable. At her age, such episodes of breathlessness can't be ruled out till the lung infection goes. But we are hopeful that she will recover for her general health parameters are fine. We are monitoring her cardiac condition and there is nothing to be alarmed so far."

The doctor also added that, "She had a severe respiratory problem this morning. It had happened on Wednesday night and recurred which is unfortunate. So, after consulting with her daughter Moon Moon Sen, we decided to put her on non-invasive ventilator. This is a step backward in her path of recovery, but the situation is still under control. We hope to be able to cure the lung infection."

The no response to antibiotics is a prime concern for the doctors treating her. This has resulted in the respiratory tract infection to be prevalent. Dr. Maitra says that, "We would have been happier had the medicines worked better. But the ventilation should help to keep away the breathing trouble and help her recover."

We hope that Suchitra Sen recovers soon. She has removed herself from the public eyes since 1978 and has remained an enigma. She had created the most popular romantic pair in the history of Bengali cinema along with the legendary actor Uttam Kumar. Her contribution to the Bengali cinema is unforgettable and will always be recalled with awe.