Health Minister wants Shahrukh, Aamir, Aishwarya and John to stop endorsing soft

Some of the biggest bollywood stars have been endorsing soft drinks for a long time now. And now even the rising stars in bollywood are joining the bandwagon. Shahrukh Khan has been endorsing Pepsi for a long time, Aamir has been seen in several Coca-Cola ads, Aishwarya Rai too has begun to endorse Coca-Cola and John is now doing several ads for diet Pepsi. Well the list of celebrities endorsing soft drinks is endless and they also receive a good price for these endorsements. However those related to the health ministry are not happy about celebrities promoting soft drinks.
Health minister A Ramadoss does not want celebrities and even sports stars to endorse these cola drinks. He says “Stars like Shahrukh, Aamir, Aishwarya and John should desist from taking up these ads that are detrimental to the health of children.” The health ministry claims that when celebrities endorse a product, youngsters too get extremely influenced to follow in their idols’ behaviour. Unfortunately it has been proved in many researches that colas have led to the growing obesity levels in young children.

But celebrities have their own personal opinion on the issue of endorsing colas. Bollywood actress Preity Zinta says “There are many things in society that are harmful to health. I am not saying that carbonated drinks are not harmful to society, but I also feel that endorsing a brand should be left to the individual.” Actress Riya Sen who has also endorsed a cola herself claims “I have grown up drinking cold drinks and it hasn’t affected my health so far. I would continue to be a part of cola commercials, if interesting projects come my way.” However some celebrities like Abhishek Bachchan have turned down cola ads citing the detrimental health effects as the cause for not promoting colas.

However some ad filmmakers who have made many cola ads claim that the ads don’t preach or force young teenagers to indulge in consuming soft drinks, it is purely a matter of their personal choice. Nonetheless young impressionable minds are bound to get influenced by the actions of their on-screen idols and would definitely like to follow in their footsteps. The debate continues but it is ultimately only a personal choice that celebrities will have to make whether to endorse colas or not.