He was avoiding me, Jeetendra reacts on Nitin Kapoor’s suicide

Veteran actor Jeetendra’s first cousin Nitin Kapoor commits suicide by jumping off the building in Seven Bunglows in Andheri. As per report, he headed towards the terrace of the six-floor building and jumped off. He was undergoing treatment for depression.

He is survived by his wife and actress Jayasudha and sons Shreayan and Nihar. The actor-producer produced Hindi and Telugu movies. But for the past 18 years he was out of work and it formed the basis of  depression.

While talking to IndiaToday.in, actor Jeetendra said, ” He was my first cousin. I had not met him for a long time. I don’t know why he was not meeting me. He was avoiding me. His father was really close to me. He was like a father for me. I was away for a meeting. It was when my flight landed at around 8.40 pm that I came to know about this. I am in Delhi and am depressed to learn about this.”

According to relatives, low financial condition of the producer is the reason of his suicide. Talking about the same, a relative told Mumbai Mirror, ” He has been jobless since the past 18 years and was facing acute financial crisis. He had left his Hyderabad home, where he used to reside with his actress-wife Jayasudha, and came to stay with his sister a few months ago. He did not like to stay there or take any help from his relatives, but he had no other option.”

Versova police has recorded the statements of the relatives and investigation is on.