He tried to spike my drink, molest me: Rashami Desai on casting couch

‘Bigg Boss 13’ contestant Rashami Desai made shocking revelation on casting couch. She narrated her story and said that she experienced horrific casting couch at the age of 16.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Rashami Desai told that in her intial days in the industry, a man named Suraj tied to molest her. Recalling the incident, Rashami said that when she was just16 a perpetrator called her for an audition and tried to molest her by spiking her drink.

"When I started my career 13 years ago, I was very young and from a completely non-filmy. I still remember that I was told - if you don't go through a casting couch, you won't get work. His name is Suraj and I don't know where he's now," said Rashami

Rashami recounted that the alleged predator called her for an audition but when she reached at the location, nobody was there except her."One day he said come for the audition. That was my first time and I was all chirpy and excited. Main wahan pohoonch gayi and then I got to know ki aur waha koi nahi tha except him. No cameras and nothing. He tried his level best to spike my drink, get me unconscious and take advantage of it. I kept saying I don't want to do. Somehow, he wanted to psyche my mind. And since I was 16, it is very easy kisi ladki ko, jisse bahar ki duniya ki knowledge nahi ho, use bewakoof banana," said Rashami.

She added that she somehow managed to leave unhurt and informed her mother immediately about what happened. "From there, I managed to come out after two and a half hours and I called up my mother and told her everything. I said this is what happened and I don't want to work with him and I don't want to work in the industry anymore because I don't feel comfortable. Next day, she called this man and we went to meet him at a restaurant. My mother slapped him and told him, 'If you do this again with my daughter, you remember that this just the beginning, next time I'll screw you'," the actress told Pinkvilla.

Rashami was previously married to actor Nandish Sandhu but got legally separated in 2015.

Rashami said what went wrong between her and her husband, “I will not say ki humare beech me differences nahi the. We had a lot of differences, we had a lot of arguments, we had fights and somewhere we both didn’t realize that we were not compatible with each other. The way we used to be, the way we were together it is just not the same and we are different people together and we are trying to bring the devil out of each other. I said it and after six years after that happened, I took the divorce. Later, somewhere I realized that I was also dragging a lot.”