"He is against Punjab", Ajay Devgn's car stopped midway in Mumbai

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn’s car was stopped midway in Mumbai around 8.30 am, while he was on his way to Film City at Dindoshi, Mumbai. The man identified as Rajdeep Singh, stopped the actor’s car on road and started yelling at him.

He called the actor 'Punjab Ka Dushman' (Punjab's enemy). He accused Ajay Devgn for not commenting or tweeting on farmers protest that has been taking place endlessly in Delhi.

"He is against Punjab," the man can be heard telling in a viral video clip.

The clip shows the man jeering at Mr Devgn.

"This guy is against Punjab. Punjab has given him food. How is he able to digest his food? How can you be against Punjab? You should be ashamed. You have been wearing turbans in movies with so much pride? Why aren't you ashamed? Are you going to run me over? Why can't he come out of the car and talk?" says the man.

For 15-20 minutes, Rajdeep kept yelling on the road while Ajay Devgn seated comfortably on the front seat of his car. However, he was arrested by Mumbai police under section 341, 504, 506 of the IPC. 

Meanwhile, Ajay Devgn tweeted on farmers' protest when international star Rihanna has dropped a post on the micro-blogging site.