He groped my breasts, I started shivering: Sonam Kapoor

Outspoken Sonam Kapoor made a shocking revelation about molestation in a chat show with Rajeev Masand. Sonam was joined by her contemporaries Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Vidya Balan and Radhika Apte. The ‘Neerja’ actress revealed that when she was young a stranger groped her breasts from behind when she went to see a movie with her friends.The incident shook Sonam and she started shivering.

Sonam along with her contemporaries discussed about harrowing experience of sexual abuse.

 “I was going to watch a Raveena Tandon-Akshay Kumar film to Gaeity theatre. I was with my girl friends; we were 14. We had gone outside to get samosas and I was last while coming back, being the tallest.

"And a man came from behind and held my breasts. I started shaking and shivering, not knowing what was going on. I was crying but I sat and finished the film. I just felt I had done something wrong. I didn’t talk about it for a good two years. I know a lot many people who’ve gone through stuff like these,” she said.

Anushka Sharma, who was also part of the conversation opened up that when she was a kid, her mother would question her if she has been touch imappropiately and many such question which she at that time found very odd.

Kalki Koechlin was the first among them to speak up about sexual abuse. She once opened up, “The reason I spoke out about my sexual abuse is not to get people to feel sorry for me but to give others who have had similar circumstances the confidence to talk about it. I allowed someone to have sex with me at the age of nine, not understanding fully what it meant and my biggest fear after was that my mother would find out. I felt it was my mistake and so I kept it hidden for years. If I had had the confidence or awareness to confide in my parents it would have saved me years of complexes about my own sexuality. It’s important that parents remove the taboo around the word sex or private parts so kids can speak openly and be saved from potential abuse.”