Hazel Keech strongly reacts to her pregnancy rumour

Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech’s recent appearance at Isha Ambani’s wedding reception gave rise to the speculation that the couple is expecting their first child. However, Hazel took to her social media account to totally squashes off her pregnancy rumours. She heavily lashes out at the gossip mongers.

Clarifying that she is not expecting, the actress was quoted as saying, “I am great, but just a little embarrassed because each time I put on a little weight, the reports say I am pregnant. This is like the 3rd or 4th time. Trying to have a normal life is hard."

When she was further asked to comment on the cricketer’s reaction, she said, "He rolls his eyes. He is so used to it."

Hazel Keech further said, “The days of human decency are over. The press decides what happens in your life with out rights lies, reporters pretend to be humans only to manipulate you for a story... hope you’re proud of yourselves”.

This is not the first time the couple grabbed the headlines for the same reason. Months after their wedding, the rumour of Hazel’s pregnancy hit the headlines, however, Yuvraj’s mother Shabnam Singh totally denied the report.

“Hazel is not pregnant. It’s wrong for somebody to quote like this... Abhi toh sirf dus maheene huye hain shaadi ko (It has just been 10 months since their marriage). It’s funny how people want to get on to super express mode. Let them enjoy their married life. Bachche toh saari umar paalne hain. I don’t understand why everyone is in so much of a hurry,” Shabnam Singh said.

Shabnam argues that being a celebrity doesn’t mean that anybody can invade one's privacy. “Obviously, it’s a very hurtful to read such things written about you... It will be a very happy moment for us when it does happen, but spreading rumours like these and making news out of someone’s personal life, that’s not fair.”

After dating for few years, Yuvraj and Hazel tied the knot in November 2016 followed by a grand reception.