‘Hats off’ says Salman Khan on Modi’s demonetisation move

Not only general people but Bollywood celebrities are also hailing PM Modi’s demonetisation move. On November 8, 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared to the nation that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes will not be in used. Modi Ji ‘s decision to fight against black money and corruption in the country.was hailed by many including superstar Salman Khan.

During the weekend episode of the reality show Bigg Boss 10, Salman stated, "Iss hafte kaale dhan par dhanaadan vaar padi. It is a fantastic move and hats off to Modi Ji."

He broke the news to the contestants, who are isolated from the happenings of the outside world. Interacting with the BB 10 contestants, the superstar said, “Mere khud ke 4 hazar ke note aur six, 500 ke notes atak gaye hai kyunki main Hong Kong mein tha… par koi baat nahi.. main agle do-teen din mein bank jaake cash karwa loonga." (Even I am facing a problem, I was in Hong Kong when the policy was announced. I have four 1000 notes and six 500 notes, they are of no use now but it doesn’t matter. I will go to the bank in next 2-3 days to encash them)

Earlier Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan also praised Modi’s strong stand against black money and corruption.

Speaking at the song launch of Dangal, Aamir said, “I think these issues which are concerning our country are more important. We shouldn’t see the short term impact of it. The things that we need to do for the country, we should do it. Even if it (demonetisation) causes loss to my film, I will see it as a small thing.”