Has Bollywood lost style?

Vidya Balan


Vidya Balan who has received accolades for her dance performances was seen attending actress Shobana's dance event. We guess dancers like to support each other and that's why actresses Jaya Prada, Juhi Chawala and Hema Malini were also seen at the event. Vidya has received alot of flak for her dressing style, but apparently she has not taken this criticism seriously. Vidya was seen wearing a very non stylish and loud green salwar which looked extremely unflattering. Vidya please hire a good stylist.


Jaya Prada


Apparently dancers may also share another thing in comon, there loud unflattering dress sense. Does Jaya share the same stylist as Vidya? Well that's probably why Jaya too turned up wearing a disastrous looking, old fashioned purple salwar. However Jaya can be excused as she is rarely seen in bollywood films now and is concentrating on political career. That definitely explains the outfit.


Jaya Prada, Juhi Chawla and Hema Malini


Looks like it was the reunion for the 'old girls' when Jaya Prada, Juhi Chawala and Hema Malini met up at this event. However unlike many bollywood actresses, these beauties have aged graceully and still carry around an heir of dignity. But although there beauty remains intact, they are no longer seen playing lead roles on-screen. Hema Malini has reclined into the 'mother roles', while Juhi makes do with 'character roles'. Age does matter in bollywood.


Jackie Shroff


Jackie Shroff also attended this dance function. The actor is rarely seen on-screen these days and when he is, it is usually in films that have not done well at the box-office. Looks like nobody wants poor, old Jackie da, these days. Jackie da, everyone has a shelf life, especially in bollywood. It just maybe time to gracefully retire.