Harry disheartens with Love Story 2050 failure

Love Story 2050 PremiereDirector Harry Baweja has spend 8 crore to made the launching pad of Harman Baweja a remarkable one. He had arranged a grand premiere of the film in London. He had gone through every pain to gift his son a memorable and successful debut. But all his hopes and effort shattered on July 4 when his film clash with another big release of the year and finally declared flop. The film failed to attract audience in spite of much hype. Harry Baweja is depressed with the negative reviews but at the same time happy that his son Harman Baweja has been accepted by all.  

Through film critics hold a negative views of his film, Harry is against their views. "I don't know why the negative backlash. Of course people are entitled to an opinion. Whether they find the film cool or not is up to audience. But I've succeeded in at least one-half of my motive for making Love Story 2050. I didn't only want to make film that audiences will like, I also made it to launch my son. And everyone loves Harman. So at least I've succeeded there."

Love Story 2050