Harry Baweja, Suneel Darshan and Vashu Bhagnani to launch their sons

Star kids have always been launched with a bang. Their debuts have always been made with a lot of fanfare. This being as natural as a birthright handed to them in hereditary.
Now it’s the turn of producers to follow suit. To give their young kids a grand entry into the glamorous world of filmdom. Recently Keshu Ramsay’s son, Aryeman made his movie debut in the Rajkumar Santoshi directed film titled Family- Ties of Blood, this has set the ball rolling and now three producers will launch their sons.

Harry Baweja’s son Harman, will be launched opposite Kareena Kapoor in ‘Love Story 2050’, a sci-fi fare that begins in 2006 and ends in 2050. It is a futuristic film and will have special effects in co-ordination with a Hollywood studio.

Suneel Darshan has decided to launch his son in 2007. He claims that a lot of big stars and big banners will be releasing in 2006, so it is better for his son, a fresh face to be launched in the next year. In preparation for his forthcoming launch, 21-year-old Shiv has learnt the ropes of acting, dancing and also gymnastics. Although he would love to direct his son, in his launch vehicle, Suneel says that it will depend on the script and then only will a director be finalized.

Vashu Bhagnani will also be launching his son in 2007. His 22-year-old son has undergone training at the famed Lee Strasburg Theater and Film Institute in U.S.A and is currently polishing his skills in diction, dance and martial arts in Mumbai. Vashu feels that his son should be completely equipped before he enters into the film industry. He intends to take his son’s opinion as far as the script and director are concerned.

These proud fathers and producers are worldly wise, especially in the nuances of what works well to make a super hit movie. Hopefully their expertise will help in launching a future generation of good actors.