Harman's SMS to Kareena

Harman BawejaHarman is really shocked to know that he had passed some bad remarks about Kareena’s acting talent and her capability.  Those false rumors had made Harman feel embrassed to face Kareena in any events. To clear the air of doubts, he had sent a text message to Kareena and explained her how he is upset with the false rumor.

On Wednesday,  Harman felt releived when he sent SMS to Kareena and she replied in a positive manner, saying that she has been in this industry for long years and knows very well how things work.  She assured Harman that she is not carrying any bad feeling regarding him and she is looking forward to see his debut film and also interested to work with him in future.

Harman was really upset with those false rumor but when Kareena consoled him, he felt relaxed and happy. Out of joy, he said, "All I’ll say is, I’d never talk like that about anyone. Kareena is someone I truly admire .And if people want to spoil my relationship with her, let them try. It won’t work".