Harman, Priyanka do not love each other

Earlier it was only Priyanka Chopra who denied being involved in any sort of love relationship with Harman Baweja as career comes first for her and she is totally devoted to it but for the first time, her so called boyfriend Harman Baweja grasped that they were not couple. He rebuffs sharing any sort of love relationship with Piggy Chops.
Though they moved around and attended events together, they never came open about their relationship. After the debacle of Love Story 2050, rumors were rife that Priyanka kicked out Harman from her life as he failed to shine in his debut flick.

When a news daily asked Harman about his on and off relationship with Priyanka, he said, "What can I say? I never said we were a couple before. So why should I react when people are splitting us."

But sources and the couple's mutual friend burst the secret, "In fact, both of them are so busy and yet they try to meet up at least once every day."

Really, Harman-Priyanka's love story is head scratching. To dig out the truth of their linking is a tough job indeed.