'Happy New Year' is the most nonsensical film, Jaya Bachchan

Jaya Bachchan during an event termed Shahrukh Khan starrer, ‘Happy New Year’ most nonsensical movie she has watched in the recent years. She added that she only watched the film as it has her son Abhishek Bachchan in it. Jaya did not stop herself from snubbing the film in the public forum.

At a recently concluded literature festival in Mumbai, the veteran actress said, “HNY is the most nonsensical film I’ve seen in recent years. I said that to the film’s lead actor as well. I watched it only because Abhishek was part of it. I told him he’s a great actor if he can act stupid in front of the camera like that. I can’t be part of what is being done in films these days and hence I don’t do films anymore,” she said.

In the session, Jaya talks about the failure of literature in Indian cinema. The topic of discussion at the session was “the failure of literature in informing current cinema” and actress went on to say, “Unfortunately cinema today is about business, not art. We call good films ‘art house cinema’. What does that even mean? All cinema is art.”

This is not the first time Jaya spoke her heart out in media. Following her comment, it was reported that Amitabh Bachchan send a text message to Shahrukh seeking apology for Jaya’s comment.