Happy New Year: Farah Khan's next with Shahrukh Khan

Main Hoon NaFarah Khan is a famous choreographer, but in her second phase she has became popular as a director by her debut hit film 'Main Hoon Naa' .The expectation from her is obviously very high because of her debut hit. And now she is ready to make her next film 'Happy New Year'. It is the talk of the town in Mumbai that her next project is very well planned.
She says, "Even before things were confirmed, and there were all sorts of news floating around about my new film. Even I was clueless about some of them! It's all very amusing".

According to insiders this one will be an all-out comedy that is totally different from the previous one. Sharing more about previous and current films, Farah said, 'Main Hoon Na' was not a comedy only. We take few sequences, which are normally, and essential for collage based film". According to her, comedy is a difficult task as compared to emotions, violence etc. and 'Main Hoon Na' did have comedy moments, but you can't put it the comedy genre. I'm assuring you that my next is far from that. I am concentrating on this project and I shall try to show my best ever performance in the field of direction". Farah has signed Shah Rukh Khan for the lead role.

Courtesy: Smashits