Happy New Year: Breaks some records but fails to beat ‘Kick’

The SRK starrer ‘Happy New Year’ continued to have a good run at the box office during its second week. Till date the heist film has collected around Rs. 154 crore at the box office with 134 crore coming from just the first weekend. During its second week, the film collected around 4.25 crore rupees on Friday, followed by Saturday collections of 6.75 crore and Rs. 9.25 crore on Sunday.  However, when compared with days before Friday, there was a clear slump in the collection although it was somewhat expected as the holiday season is over and schools and offices have reopened.

While the Farah Khan directed film has set many box office records, it fell short of the Salman Khan film ‘Kick’ in terms of first weekend collections.  While the Salman starrer action thriller earned Rs. 155 crore, Shahrukh’s family entertainer has managed Rs. 134 crore only. If worldwide collections are taken into account, then ‘Happy New Year’  stands at 245 crore, which puts it behind ‘Dhoom 3’, ‘Kick’ and ‘Chennai Express’.

After the tremendous opening, which saw ‘HNY’ set the record for the biggest opening day collection at 44.97 crore, many thought that the film will be smashing all box office records that are there. But looks like that will not be the case. One of the reasons behind that is that critics have slammed the film and a section of the audience too has not reacted well to it. Most likely ‘HNY’ did not receive much word of mouth campaign too, that often helps a film. However since there are no big releases in the upcoming few weeks, ‘Happy New Year’ will have a free run at the box office for some time. There is no denying the fact that the film is a huge hit and has made the actors and the makers very happy. 

Meanwhile, Jaya Bachchan, mother of Abhishek Bachchan who plays a key role in the film has openly criticized ‘Happy New Year’ as the most nonsensical film of recent times. She stated that the only reason she saw the film was because her son was in it and even then she was none too happy about it. Such remarks are sure to make son Abhishek uneasy as his performance in the film was praised by audiences. Co-incidentally Abhishek Bachchan was also part of ‘Dhoom 3’ last year which went on to become the highest grossing Bollywood film of all time.