Gurmehar Kaur gives it back to Randeep Hooda for mocking her

Delhi University student Gurmehar Kaur has given it back to Randeep Hooda, after the ‘Sarabjit’ actor apologised for mocking her over a video of the student campaigning for India-Pakistan peace. Although Gurmehar may have withdrawn her campaign against ABVP due to the threats, her latest tweet proves that she is not one to take things lying down.

Randeep had applauded and laughed at a comment by former cricketer Virendra Sehwag ridiculing Gurmehar for stating ‘Pakistan didn’t kill my father, war did’. Sehwag had posted a picture of him holding a placard which read, ‘I didn't score two triple centuries, my bat did’. Both of them, among some others, were slammed for making fun of the young student on social media.

The actor, however, clarified that he wasn’t aware of the whole issue when he first commented, but as soon as he came to know, he tweeted back saying not to use the “poor girl” as a “political pawn,” but, his words were taken out of context.

“It (calling Gurmehar a political pawn) wasn’t gender specific. I was and I am against the politicisation of personal opinions… I do believe I should have been more careful. By that time the narrative was set and I was labelled and put in a box,” Randeep had said on the sidelines of press conference for his TV show ‘MTV Big F’.

Now, Gurmehar has given the taste of their own medicine to Randeep and Virendra Sehwag. She wrote, “I didn't tweet my hands did,” while commenting on a news item of the actor apologising for his comment.

Gurmehar, who belongs to Jalandhar, is the daughter of Captain Mandeep Singh who was martyred during the 1999 Kargil War. 

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