Gunjan Bakshi, Priyanka Chopra look alike has bollywood aspirations

Priyanka ChopraGunjan Bakshi, a Mumbai girl, bears an uncanny resemblance to ex-Miss World and bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. Gunjan who is aware of the striking resemblance that she has to Priyanka Chopra is a model and also has aspirations to get into bollywood. Now this should definitely be an interesting move if Gunjan gets into bollywood. 

Gunjan, a 25 year old Mumbai girl has been born and brought up here. She has schooled as well as attended college in Mumbai. Gunjan then got into advertising and from there she received several modelling offers. Gunjan then got her portfolio done and since then has done several modelling assignments. She has done several commercials for well known brands like Airtel, Nokia, Hide and Seek, Dabur etc. Gunjan is well aware that people often confuse her for Priyanka Chopra, but she seems to take this in her stride and is now quite amused about it. Gunjan even recounts an incident when she was confused for Priyanka, she said "Once I was having dinner with my cousin and a small kid walked up to me asking me for an autograph. I wondered why. While I was signing it for him, he was like ‘I really liked you in Krrish.’ That’s when I realised he had mistaken me for Priyanka." 

However Gunjan is not sure whether her resemblance to Priyanka will be an advantage for her in the long run, but she does not give the resemblance much thought or importance. Gunjan is in to modelling and she has already met a lot of people from bollywood as she hopes to pursue a career in the film industry. So if and when Gunjan gets into bollywood, it will definitely be a novelty to see the kind of reactions that she will get from the industry.