Guess the starcast of dress designer turned director's debut film...

Manish Malhotra, Karan Johar and Shahid KapurThe cat is out of the bag. Even before his first film could be officially announced, the dress designer turned director's debut film had been making news. The media has been writing about the cast of the film, which is expected to be a multi-starrer.
A 4-hero, 3-heroine project, so far three heroes have been
confirmed yet - A.K. [who just delivered a hit], S.K. [the teen sensation] and T.K. [son of a veteran actor, whose sister is a big name in the television industry]. The film will star one more lead man, but H.R. hasn't confirmed it yet.

As for the leading ladies, all three have been finalized - P.Z. [no prizes for guessing this one!], K.K. [the teen sensation's real-life girlfriend] and A.R. [considered a lucky mascot].

Have you guessed the star cast?

Courtesy - indiafm

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