Guess how many times Deepika-Ranveer locked lips?

Ram Leela’ is very much talked about due to Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s sizzling chemistry. The couple is going to scorch the silver screen with their naughtiness, incredible chemistry, steamy scenes and their lip-locks. If we have a close view of the trailer and the two songs which were released recently then you will have the idea that the off-screen rumored couple, Ranveer and Deepika locked lips not once or twice but couple of times in the highly awaited movie.

Ranveer Singh once said that their chemistry in ‘Ram Leela’ is the USP of the film and as times passes by and the makers are disclosing one after another songs, it is established that Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone will set a new bench mark in Bollywood with their love and intimacy.

Ranveer and Deepika are rumored to be romantically linked-up in real life and this very factor adds up to the expectation of the audience to see the couple romance on-screen.

In ‘Ram Leela’ trailer, the audience got to see some sizzling chemistry between the two odd pair of Bollywood, Ranveer and Depika. The trailer sometime back shows Ranveer and Deepika in an intimate position. The trailer also shows Ranveer and Deepika sharing a passionate lip-lock.

Ranveer who is rumored to be dating the ‘Cocktail’ actress said that his chemistry with Deepika  in ‘Ram Leela’  is a mainstay of the story.

"We were destined to be cast opposite each other. It's a chemistry between Romeo and Juliet. I hope it works as our chemistry is the driving force of the story," Ranveer told reporters.

When the the long legged actress was asked about the much talked about lip-lock scene, she said: "I find it amusing when people ask me about lip-lock scenes. As an actor there is no difference between any scene. But when you are working with Sanjay sir, he makes even the simplest scene most difficult. He tweaks the scene in his mind."

During an event, when the duo was asked bout their alleged love story, both Deepika Paduone and Ranveer Singh preferred to keep mum.

Directed and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, ‘Ram Leela’ is an adaption of Shakespeare novel Romeo and Juliet. ‘Ram Leela’ set at the backdrop of rural Gujarat is slated to release on Nov 29.