Groom Hunting for Esha Deol!

<a href='//' title='Esha Deol' class='article_display_tag' data-id='esha-deol' id='article_tag_data_esha-deol' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Esha Deol</strong></a>Hema Malini could easily qualify as the coolest mom around. You would agree too if you heard what Esha had to say about the lissome lady. “I think this must be one of its cases where the mother encourages her daughter to go see guys” smiles Esha. “While most mothers keep tabs on where their daughter is going and who she is meeting, here it is my mamma who nudges me to go see guys! She keeps asking me, 'When others actresses are seeing guys, where is your date? This is amusing, we tell her
“Told you, she is really chilled out!”

Does she like the current generation actors? “Oh yes, she thinks the guys are just fine. Actually she is pretty fond of Abhishek” Esha informs us. Abhishek, we ask. “Yeah, Amit uncle conducts himself so well nah, so she thinks Abhishek is very well-behaved and the typical 'good' boy types. Wait until I tell her about the pest that he is” the Deol dame winks. So if she were to pick up a guy for Esha, who would it be? “Hmmm…let's see, I think she wouldn't mind Vivek Oberoi.” Vivek, we gulp.

“Yeah, he is another badmaash who manages to keep a 'Mr.Clean' image in front of his heroines parents” she quips. So Vivek it would be, huh? “Maybe, because she thinks he is this polite, religious, temple going variety. Those are the type of guys she digs and wants for me!” Esha tells. So who would she pick; AB or Oberoi? “Neither. I like Abhishek but don't love him and Vivek, well I'll fall for him only if I want trouble from Ash” she chuckles.

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