Great Khali to enter Bigg Boss

The drama in the fourth season of Bigg Boss is going to be more intensified. The channel has roped in one more interesting character to lift up the TRPs of the show.  He is the famous wrestler Dalip Singh Rana aka the Great Khali. He is soon going to storm Bigg Boss 4. The great Khali arrived in Mumbai yesterday to take part on the show.

Khali is also a great fan of Salman Khan. "I feel happy whenever I come to India. People here love me a lot and I am eager to meet Salman Khan," said Khali.

He added, "The world likes Salman, even I like him. He has a great fan following." Since Khali has a huge body, the channel has made special arrangement for him. The size of bed and toilet seat has been increased according to Khali’s size. 

When asked whether the food that is provided in the Bigg Boss house will be sufficient for him, he replied, "Kaam chala lenge."

Lets see how Khali will cope up with the present situation of the house and how the present housemates welcomes ‘The Great Khali’.