Govinda to undergo cosmetic surgery

If you do not possess a manly look then it is very difficult to survive in the industry which is driven by good looks and sexy image. Some actors in the industry are facing a serious problem of not possessing a macho look and one among those is our very own Govinda.  Chi Chi would very soon undergo cosmetic surgery and shed off his extra flab. He feels gone are the days when actors with bubbly faces ruled the industry.

Govinda has gone through many phases of his acting, from comedy to serious but now feels an urgent call of makeover to cope with the changing phase of film industry. To compete with the actors of today’s generation, he feels that cosmetic surgery is a must.  

"My friends have sweet-talked me into it. However, before the surgery, I have to complete my current assignments. Most are either on the verge of completion or release. I have seven releases in the next one year after which I want to come back with an entirely different look" he adds.

Hope Chi Chi been able to rule the box-office with his new look.