Govinda turns a year older

GovindaHis might be a picture perfect reflection of plain simplicity and rustic innocence; but to say that Govinda or Govind Arun Ahuja has really come of age will hardly be an overstatement. Ever since 1986 Govinda’s has been a journey of sheer determination, grit and courage. Ever since his breakthrough in the tinsel world of Mumbai till date, be it in the role of an actor or that of a parliamentarian geared to a greater social cause; Govinda has been the epitome of mass entertainment.

Born in 1963, on the 21stof December, the popularly well known Govinda was born to parents Nirmala & Arun Ahuja. Despite graduating from a college based in Vashi, Govinda failed to make an impact on the hugely competitive job market. At times, his lack of fluency in English came in the way. With Arun Ahuja’s brief stint in filmdom, Govinda was advised by the latter to look for a break in film. At that point of time Govinda cashed in on his passionate inclination towards dancing to make headway in the world of modeling and that of acting.

Having featured in a couple of commercials, Govinda’s ceremonial plunge into the cine world of Bollywood came in 1986. Though ‘Ilzaam’ happened to be his first official release, ‘Tan Badan’ was the first one to be shot- showcasing the beloved cine star in a pivotal role. Apart from bringing into focus his phenomenal grip over dancing, ‘Ilzaam’ with its substantial box office churning hit upon Govinda’s trademark hold over popular entertainment. The period between ’86 to 1990- saw Chichi enacting various genres of popular cinema ranging from action oriented potboilers down to mushy family oriented dramatics. Flicks including ‘Marte Dam Tak’,’Hum’, ‘Jeetey Hain Sham Se’ & ‘Jung Baaz’ testify to his overwhelming popularity.

No story of Govinda- one of the most popular cine stars; will be complete without making a mention of his illustrious partnership with David Dhawan. With their productive collaboration dating back to 1989- the duo was slated for a series of vibrantly made comic blockbusters. Giving effective delineation to David Dhawan’s comic inputs, the popular cine star  had the audience  rollicking to the wave of ‘Raja Babu’, ‘Saajan Chaley Sasural’, ‘Coolie no-1’, ‘Hero number 1’ and ‘Badey Miyan Chhotey , ‘Jodi no-1’ and ‘Haseena Man Jayegi’. The star with his forte for popular entertainment not only showcased his comic diversity, but also reflected his overall empathy with acting. With a string of awards accompanying his name; the duo of David & Govinda proved fulfilling all through the nineties.

Despite failing to create much impact in villainous and serious roles; Govinda’s acting in ‘Ravaan’ where he had to essay the role of a forest officer was critically well received. Having served a brief yet controversial stint in politics, Govinda announced his formal separation from the same in 2008.