Govinda to make a comeback with Aparna Sen's 'The Jewellery Box'

GovindaHe came, he danced and he set the screen on fire. Govinda, bollywood’s very own Hero No.1 - The ‘Virar ka chokra’ who emerged to become bollywood’s very own ‘Rajababu’ to rule the box office for more than a decade.
Govinda once the perfect launch pad that sky rocketed dwindling careers of many a big names in the industry today, almost vanished from the scene for few years. Following the karmic cycle of nothing but change is permanent; Govinda had his spell of misfortune too. Govinda witnessed the worst phase of his life, both personally and professionally, with his home production ‘Sukh’ collapse at the box office and his family having an almost fatal accident.
But everything, good or bad comes to an end, nothing is forever. So good news for Govinda’s fans, the good time of Govinda is about to begin. This time with new admirers like Aparna Sen. The news is confirmed that Govinda will play the lead against Konkona Sen Sharma in Aparna Sen’s debut Hindi film ‘The Jewellery Box’.

If new admirers gifted Govinda ‘The Jewellery Box’, how can good old friends lag behind! The king of comedy David Dhawan has geared up to welcome his best ally back. The buzz is David Dhawan has planned a distinct comeback for his beloved star in none other than Salman Khan’s home production. Without spilling the beans, the director revealed that both Govinda and Salman will act in the film. As for the leading ladies, no marks for guessing! Yes of course, Katrina Kaif is one of the leading ladies, but for a change, not against the ‘Ooo…still so young’ Khan but our very own ‘Rajababu’.

Things indeed seem to have changed! Well, good for the industry, that ‘Rajababu’ is back. A new inning is all set to begin, all for the actor, the director, the industry and of course the ‘junta’.