Govinda’s upcoming releases with Priyadarshan and David Dhawan

Govinda, the one time king of comedy made a name for himself with hits like Raja Babu, Coolie No. 1 and Hero No. 1. However, with flops like Hadh Kar di Aapne and Joru Ka Ghulam, the last couple of years have been a rough time for him. Not only had his financial troubles increased, but also his film and political career seemed to be sinking with various maligning accusations. The actor will soon be seen in Priyadarshan’s Bhaagam-Bhag. He will also be doing David Dhawan’s Partner.
Govinda claims that he is very happy to be working again and just wants to do good work. He hopes that with his upcoming releases his financial burdens lessen. Govinda states that the USP of Bhaagam-Bhag and Partner is that they both have comic elements in them but aren’t outright comedies. He is also doing Nikhil Advani’s Salaam-E-Ishq where he is paired opposite a South African actress.

Govinda claims that earlier he would enjoy doing comedy roles but later on after doing so many, continuously, it became tedious. Today he does not mind doing comedy, but they should also have some substantial matter to it. He has changed some of his ways and habits, earlier punctuality was not one of his strong points due to personal turmoil in his life, but today he has made punctuality a part of his career. On his declining political career, he has no regrets; he claims it has been a learning experience and that it will perhaps surely help him in the future. As of now, however, his political career will definitely have to take the back seat.

Govinda states that he is very happy that he has been given the opportunity to work with good directors like David Dahwan and Priyadarshan and also opposite big stars like Salman and Akshay. He maintains that he wants to go back to the position that he once held and does not want any comparisons with today’s stars to be made.

Govinda says that he will also be doing another film with David Dhawan, but besides that he is waiting for big banner films to come his way. He wants to first see the response to his three upcoming films as his future is entirely dependant on it. We hope that the actor’s re-entry into Bollywood goes well and wish him success for his upcoming films.