Govinda’s daughter, Narmada makes her debut opposite Salman in grand style

Actor Govinda may not be overtly media savvy or great in his own public relations, but now the actor is definitely making a change as far as daughter Narmada’s public relations is concerned. Govinda’s daughter Narmada has made her acting aspirations in bollywood quite clear to her parents. So recently Narmada made her grand debut opposite Salman Khan on the Iifa red carpet. While everyone was speculating on whom Salman’s mystery girl was, father Govinda was extremely happy with all the attention that his pretty daughter got from the media. Well it seems Salman chachu as Narmada fondly refers to him was more than happy to accompany his sweet Namu.
Salman Khan seems to have taken his role as a true friend pretty seriously as he has always been there for Govinda and his family even through their bad financial phase. In fact sources claim it was Salman who helped revive Govinda’s flagging bollywood career by recommending that directors take him in their films. In their film Partner together, Salman has even given Govinda a meaty role. Govinda too seems to be making full use of this golden opportunity and recently when he was running late for the Iifa event, allowed his daughter to be escorted by Sallu bhai, probably knowing fully well that everyone would be curious to know who the pretty lady opposite Salman was. Well Narmada has made her first debut opposite Salman at the Iifa and she is no doubt going to be remembered as the girl who walked alongside Sallu at the event.

Govinda and his wife are happy that their daughter has chosen to get into acting and he says “She is very keen to become an actress, and my wife and I have no intentions of standing in the way of her dreams and aspirations. However Govinda is keen that his daughter first learn how the industry works from behind the camera and he says “I want her to assist some big directors before facing the camera. She’s very close to the Roshans, so Narmada will be assisting Rakesh Roshanji.”

Narmada earlier had aspirations of getting into jewellery designing and has even trained for it. The young pretty lass has been through a lot along with dad Govinda, some time back she was in a serious car accident along with her mother and brother. Fortunately though the lass has emerged from the trauma with a lot of strength. Govinda meanwhile is hoping to lend a guiding hand to his young one and says “When I came into movies I had no guidance, Narmada has me to hold her hand.” Well Govinda that’s what star dad’s are for, what say?