Govinda lashes out at Varun Dhawan

Veteran actor Govinda’s relationship with director David Dhawan has turned sour. Govinda not only slammed the director but also lashes out at his son. Govinda insulted Varun in an interview, Govinda said, "Ranveer Singh and Varun Dhawan both have a body like Salman Khan. But they can’t say it. If they call themselves as Salman Khan, then they won’t get films. They can’t afford to be against Khan. This is how the filmy world works. The comparison between Varun and me is a fake one."

He didn't just stop there. He went on and on about it. "How can he (Varun) be like me? To become Govinda, he needs to be innocent, uneducated and a poor village boy. Varun is already a son of a director. In the last six years, he hasn’t done more than two films with his father, whereas I did 17 films with his father (David Dhawan)," he said.

Reacting to Govinda's comment, the 29-year-old actor said: ""Alochna honi chahiye...Alochan se mein bahut kuch seekhta hoon. Woh kehte hai mujhme aur unmei koi samantaye nahi hai. Yeh sahi hai. Kisi mein samantayein ho bhi nahi sakti. Woh varisht hai, mein unka samman karta hoon. Mein unki barabari kabhi nahi kar sakta,"

Varun Dhawan’s upcoming film ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhani’ co-starring Alia Bhatt is scheduled to release a week after Govinda's comeback film ‘Aa Gaya Hero’. Govinda also slammed Karan Johar for releasing Varun's film a week after his own. He told Pinkvilla: "It's a well-planned and smart move by Karan that he's releasing his film a week after mine. Mujhe woh kabhi seedha nahi lagta hai."

Govinda talked about his tiff with David Dhawan, "He worked all his life with me and Salman [Khan], and delivered many hits. He may respect me as an actor, but not as friend. I stood by him when he was down and out, but he didn't do the same."

Govinda added he was keen to team up with David again but the director ignored him. "He told my secretary that if there were a small role in a film, he may approach me. 'Govinda asks a lot of unnecessary questions, I don't wish to work with him,' he said. I was taken aback."

Govinda adds that his political stint also took a toll on their friendship "I think the pressure of my participation in politics was getting to him. Perhaps he felt that I would become a liability. Maybe it is his nature to be jealous of those who are more successful than him. That's the nature of the industry. Those who don't have the ability to do well are envious of those who do," says the actor, adding that he has made peace with the circumstance. "It's best that we stay happy in our own space."