Govinda jumping from one tree to another

These days Govinda is jumping from tree to tree, not under any lunatic influence but out of sheer professional commitments for his upcoming venture Ravan.  While shooting for a few sequences for the upcoming film RAAVANA directed by Mani Ratnam, Govinda, instead of using stunt man chose to hop from one tree to the other on his own. Govinda plays Hanuman in the film, was shooting for a sequence that required him to jump from one tree to another. 

Tree hopping made Govinda the centre of focus on the shoot. Everybody on the sets would gather to see him jump from one branch to another. Govinda’s performance was appreciated by everyone on the sets. Though Mani had insisted Govinda to use a body double to do the scenes, however being a game for it the actor brushed off the idea. Still, out of the 12-15 scenes for only two scenes the body doubles were said to be used.