Govinda gives miscreant fan one tight slap

Actors are often known to get badgered by fans and the media, and actors are then known to react in different ways. Recently actor turned politician Govinda who was shooting for Kumar Mangat's film Money Hai Toh Honey hai, reacted in an extremely violent way to a miscreant fan's behaviour. Govinda slapped a fan who had got too close to him. However Govinda justifies slapping the fan as he claimed the fan was trying to get too close and misbehave with the female stars and dancers on the sets.
Govinda said "Yes, I slapped him. The guy was trying to get too close to the girls. I felt that I had to take a stand. I had to protect them." Meanwhile a huge hullabullo is being created by the media over Govinda slapping the miscreant fan. Many claim that Govinda should have called in security and not raised his hands on the fan. However even producer Kumar Mangat confirms that the miscreant fan was trying to misbehave, he said "When the offender was around us, we assumed that he was junior artiste or a union member. But when we asked him, he said that he had come to see the shoot. We told him to watch the shoot from a distance and not come to close to anybody. But he just didn't listen. He started getting too close to not only Govinda but also leading ladies Celina Jaitley and Hansika Motwani."

Govinda however claims that other political parties are out to target him and sent the miscreant fan to the shooting sets to rake up a controversy. Govinda claims "opposition parties are harassing me." Meanwhile producer Kumar Mangat faced huge losses of around Rs.15 lakhs as the shooting has now been stalled. Actor Govinda has not reported for shooting due to the huge controversy over the slap and hence the producer seems to now be in a tight spot. However Govinda claimed he was sick and hence unable to report for the shooting of Money hai to honey hai.