Govinda gets a new lucky charm

Govinda is heading for his next project and for that he will need good luck and lots of good wishes. His nearest and dearest friend , Salman Khan, felt that at this juncture Chi Chi needs good fortune and in that case stones can help him. He convinces him to wear a turquoise stone (firoza). Salman himself has been wearing this stone for a long time.

Govinda is a strong believer of gemology and accepted to wear a turquoise stone. “Firoza is a good-luck stone which takes away bad luck” quips Govinda. Salman told him how this stone had benefited him and therefore he copied Salman’s bracelet design and has been wearing it since. He does not wear it at parties because there he needs to drink and smoke and in such cases it may become impure. He wears the real firoza on the upper part of his body when traveling abroad or when he is at home.  
Govinda had an extensive knowledge of stones. He is wearing firoza for the last two months and has found great improvement in his personality. He finds that it brought him good luck and is experiencing mental calmness. Govinda has resumed his filmy journey and signed Ravi Chopra’s Banda Hai Bindass Hai and Neeraj Vora's Do Lucky. Hope his stone brings him enormous good luck.