Govinda ga-ga over Amrita

With the success of ‘Life Partner’, the new pairing of Govinda and Amrita Rao seems to have clicked with the audiences. In fact, audiences have called the pair the highlight of the film and are looking forward to seeing the two together in more films. But if there’s one new fan Amrita Rao can definitely lay claim to, it is her co-star. Ever since the movie released, Govinda can’t stop raving about the lass.
“She was a pleasure, and a splendid person to work to with. She is hard-working, dedicated, talented and on top of it all, absolutely professional. She is a truly gifted actor. With values like that, Amrita is definitely going to go places in the industry,” gushes Govinda, who is now looking forward to working alongside Amrita in his other movies too.
With their dazzle spilling over the silver screen, let’s hope we get to see them together more often.