Good News: Mukesh Khanna's 'Shaktimaan' back on TV

Good news for the children. The first superhero of Indian television ‘Shaktimaan’ is going to be back on TV. The most loved superhero, ‘Shaktimaan’ is again set to ablaze the small screen.

Actor Mukesh Khanna, who portrayed the role of ‘Shaktimaan’ informed that he is in talks with few producers and channels and possibility is high that ‘Shaktimaan’ will be aired soon.

Speaking about the show, the 57-year-old actor said, "We are planning the return of Shaktimaan on television and the discussions are going on with few channels. I can't commit the date but you will get to see it soon."

Mukesh Khanna informed that he is in the process to make ‘Shaktimaan’ again and has already lost 8 kgs. Khanna says, "I am not trying to get six pack abs. I want to try and match up with the look that I had 15 years back."

After so many years, Mukesh Khanna is keen to see him playing the role of ‘Shaktimaan’ and no one else because people relate to him as 'Shaktimaan.

"I was very young when I played the role of Bhishmapitama in Mahabharat. I feel an actor can't be restricted due to age."

The actor feels age is just a number and he can pull any role with conviction. 'Shaktimaan' was a favorite serial of the kids of 90s and hope the new version will equally attract the new generation children.

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