Good Hrithik versus Bad Hrithik in Krrish 3

Hrithik Roshan as Krrish, the superhero received a lot of adulation and praise and as if one hunk was not enough, now according to sources there is a strong likelihood that Hrithik will play a double role in the third series. Hrithik may be all set to don the role of both a superhero as well as the bad guy in the third series of Krrish. Hrithik is excited to play the negative guy after he received a lot of praise for his negative role in Dhoom 2. So it just might be Hrithik Roshan the superhero versus Hrithik Roshan the evil guy. So who will win, remains to be seen?
However Hrithik’s dad Rakesh Roshan who is also the director has not confirmed the concept of the third series yet. Roshan is also supposedly planning the SFX for the third series. Hrithik though is currently busy with the shooting of his forthcoming film Jodha Akbar with co-star Aishwarya. However it seems like Hrithik is playing a superhero in real life too. Hrithik was recently shooting for an ad film but unfortunately the actor sprained his foot and was in a lot of pain. However he decided to continue shooting despite his injury. In fact Hrithik flew down to the venue in a chopper for the shoot and stayed over in a five star hotel and paid for all this with his own money. This itself shows the actor’s commitment and dedication to completing his projects on hand.

Hrithik however says “Yes I did injure myself while shooting, but since I had made a commitment, I didn’t think it would be right to abruptly stall the shoot. I felt that I could overcome the pain rather than delay the entire project.” The marketing manager too for the ad campaign confirmed that Hrithik was more than co-operative and despite hurting himself, he just took some painkillers and continued with the shoot. In fact the marketing manager stated “I genuinely appreciate his commitment to his job and his intention to finish according to schedule.” Now all the actors who delay or cancel shoots due to minor problems should take a leaf out of Hrithik’s rule book. Way to go Hrithik!