Golmaal Returns team had a Diwali blast

Tusshar Kapoor and Celina Jaitely celebrating Diwali


Tushar Kapoor, Celina Jaitley and other co stars of Golmaal Returns celebrated Diwali together as they no doubt wanted to share the success of their film, Golmaal Returns with each other. But where were the other female stars like Kareena, Amrita Arora, Anjana Sukhano etc, no doubt they are too busy to even celebrate their success or Diwali. Well apparently Tushar and Celina have alot of free time on their hands, is it because they don't have too many films on hand?


Celina Jaitely dressed in Ghagra Choli for Diwali celebrations


Celina Jaitley showed off her sexy figure even in this traditional outfit, after all if you have it, you should flaunt it. Also Celina can't exactly flaunt her acting skills and hence she has to rely on her sexy figure. Celina has acted in a number of films but has yet to make any kind of mark in her films. Better pull up your socks, girl, before it's too late.


Celina Jaitely with Golmaal Returns co-star Shreyas Talpade


Shreyas Talapade has received praises for his performances in most of his films, perhaps he can teach co-star Celina something about acting. However sometime back Shreyas had said that he would not work with a particular bollywood actress, we hope he didn't mean Celina due to her void acting skills.


Ajay Devgan dressed in black for Diwali celebrations


Ajay Devgan, one of the biggest stars in Golmaal Returns also attended the Diwali bash with his co-stars of Golmaal Returns. He may be the biggest star of the film, but apparently he has the least comic timing as compared to the others. So he tries and compensates with more dialogues and stunts in the film. We think Ajay should stick to action and not attempt comedy.


Arshad Warsi at Golmaal Returns Diwali celebration


Arshad Warsi also attended the Diwali bash sporting a new look with a thick mustache. Is it for a new film? Or is he sulking about the recent rumours of his marriage being on the rocks? Well Arshad we hope that both your professional as well as personal life looks up in the New year.