Golden Kareena at Rajiv Gandhi Awards

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor at Rajiv Gandhi Awards 2008


One of bollywood’s most happening couple, Saif- Kareena who are spotted everywhere these days also attended the Rajiv Gandhi Awards 2008. But this time round for a change, they were both there for a purpose. While Kareena was performing at the function, Saif was there to receive an award. So this time round while Saif received an award, Kareena simply stepped aside and let her man enjoy the spotlight for a change.


Kareena Kapoor at Rajiv Gandhi Awards 2008


Ever since Kareena broke up with Shahid and lost the excess weight, her career seems to be moving up and up, so was Shahid bringing on the bad luck? Well no wonders then she moved on to Saif who seems to be her lucky charm as he has brought her big banner films, big endorsements, diamonds etc. But boyfriend Saif has also roped her in for films in his home production, is it simply for her acting skills or is it to keep an eye on his girl? Well Saif sure knows how to kills two birds with one stone.


Saif Ali Khan receives awards from Vilasrao Deshmukh


Saif received the Rajiv Gandhi Award for his contribution to Indian Cinema. Would that contribution include his last two films, Tashan and Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic which flopped at the box-office? Well it seems Saif getting the Rajiv Gandhi Award is fine as it is given to people who have not recently received any other film awards, what say Salman?


Lara Dutta received an award at Rajiv Gandhi Awards 2008


Well if you thought Saif getting the Rajiv Gandhi Award was weird, here’s a truly funny one, Lara Dutta too received the award. We were wondering what Lara has contributed to Indian cinema, when we realised that of course she too has not won any other film awards recently, so naturally she qualifies. Here is how we think it’s done, a few glamorous (of course talent is not the criteria) celebs names are written on chits and then one is picked up and whoever‘s name happens to be on the chit wins the award.


Salman Khan performed at Rajiv Gandhi Awards 2008


Salman is indebted to the organisers of the Rajiv Gandhi Award, as he too won an award last year. Hence he was repaying them by performing at this year’s function. Salman and Saif are good friends and we wonder if Sallu’s has been giving Saif tips on behaving possessive. Well Saif all we can say is that Kareena is not Katrina and you are better off growling for forgiveness. Unless you want to grow old with nobody willing to marry you.


Rakhi Sawant performed at Rajiv Gandhi Awards 2008


Was that 'item girl' Rakhi Sawant performing at the Rajiv Gandhi Awards? Well you can't blame us for not recognizing her, as she was all covered up and performing a traditional dance. Of course, Rakhi didn’t want to give our Bebo any tough competition.


Checkout the video from the event.