Goddess Laxmi has come to our house, Big B

The Bachchan family is ecstatic as the cute baby girl of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan was brought home today. Dadiji Jaya Bachchan and bua Shweta Nanda welcomed the new born. First they arrived at their ancestral home Pratiksha, seeks the blessings of Big B’s late parents and God.  

"We first went to 'Prateeksha' as that is our first home. We took the blessings of my late parents and brought them to 'Jalsa' (another house of the Bachchans). We are happy that 'Laxmi' has come to our house," a thrilled Bachchan said.

When asked about the baby’s look, Big B said, "I feel the baby has entirely gone on Aishwarya. She looks just like her... eyes and all. Some family members feel the baby's face bears some resemblance to Abhishek."

Appreciating the ‘Beti B’, Papa Abhishek said, "the baby is very nice and obedient... she does not cry and bother us much."

The baby is yet to name but the Bachchan declined any sort of naming ceremony as reported.