'Go Goa Gone' gets ‘A’ certificate

The latest film starring Saif Ali Khan in the lead role with a brand new and rather startling look is Go Goa Gone. The actor as well as the two directors Krishna DK and Raj Nidimoru were overjoyed when the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) awarded an ‘A’ certificate to the film. Though the directors were expecting that they may be asked to cut a few scenes, the real good news was that no cuts were required.

The film deals with zombies and Saif appears as a tough zombie hunter who is also full of humour. With such a unique subject, there was no dearth of blood and violence on the screen. The language too got rather raw at times. "There are several scenes with blood, some colloquial gaalis being used, a rave party and so on. We were anxious we would be asked to shave off all this and that would severely take the edge out of our zombie film. We are glad that the censor board saw the film in the right perspective. It's meant to be a fun film, with certain adult elements" said director Raj Nidimoru.

The decision of the censor board has left everyone involved in the film with a smile on their face. Lead actor Saif Ali Khan declared, "I am very happy that we have been fairly censored. We are now managing to show the movie as-is for what it's worth. We didn't have to mellow down the content and in the process perhaps alienate our target audience."

The real apprehension was not that the film would not receive ‘A’ certification. After all, there was enough blood, gore and gaali for that. What the directors feared was that they would be asked to cut out certain portions of the film. "Even on the way to the screening, Raj was very nervous and was mentally prepared for cuts. But he had also decided to accept the censors' verdict," a source close to the film revealed. The film got the requested certificate, "But the bigger news for them was being told it had passed without any cuts. They were extremely happy," the source added.

Raj Nidimoru echoed this sentiment as he assured that all the A rated elements in the film has been dealt with in a tasteful manner. "In any case, zombies naturally lend themselves to an 'A' rating. But all the A rated parts in the film are actually in good humour and done in good 'taste'," he said.